Current WIP project - Overgrown Mansion

For a long time I've been trying to use Substance more for my work but I was having hard time getting into it. I always felt that Substance was taking longer than other workflows that I'm used to. But seeing all the awesome work ppl were doing with it I was feeling like I was missing out on something.

But for this project I decided I was gonna dive deep into Substance and (hopefully) get some good stuff done. And yeah, now it really feels that I broke the block and Substance is really great once you get into it. Like that wasn’t obvious :d

Most of the textures here are done with substance, except for foliage. I still have hard time with base heightmaps so I went for sculpts. Basically just for the major forms, like wood plans and bricks, I just really wanted to have that control over details, like sculpting out that one corner on that one brick just because it feels like that corner should be broken off. And that it still a great workflow in my opinion, hand sculpting out the big shapes that define the texture and putting details with subtance. Color/roughness/normal is all Substance though.

Feels good finally getting good grip over Substance Designer, definitely sticking with it from now on.

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