Sculpts, sculpts everywhere!

Almost forgot how much time sculpting can take. Perhaps not the sculpting itself but the process of turning sculpt into game ready asset. This can quickly become into tedious crap that will slow creation process down so my main concern for a long time was to speed up low-polying/unwrapping/baking and while at the moment it’s fastest it’s ever I still sometimes feel like I’m hamstrung by loads of technical steps I have to take for things to be at highest quality possible.

Well, while this might sound like a rant, but I still like sculpting. Might like it less when I do it for a zillionth time but it still feels rewarding once you complete something that both looks good and is optimized and “properly” done.

Here are some sculpts I recently did:

Last one is a quickie I did in over an hour. Fairly simple one but I like it, some kind of rock/rubble thing. There are couple more sculpts but feel like these are most worth sharing. Next step - bringing all of this into Unreal, see ya in couple of days!

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