Swamp Finished

Wow, I'm late for this :d

Anyways, Swamp has been finished for couple of weeks now, it's available in Unreal Marketplace here"

Now I (finally) started getting my portfolio together in Artstation, Swamp being the first piece I decided to update it a little bit. I polished up some rougher bits, added extra little details for some shots and removed couple assets, mostly trees for better composition. Added background mountains as topping on a cake. They aren't part of the Swamp Pack in Marketplace though, those come from separate project I did.

Quite happy how this turned out, I spent so much time trying to grab good high ress images as I couln't use Screenshot tool in UE4 since it doesn't use Temporal AA, which is essential for water to look correct. Had to play a lot with Supersampling and whatnot, which made things run at like 1 FPS. And after all that work I found out that Artstation downsamples everything to 1080p anyway, so screwed me a little bit. Got all those high resses anyway, maybe will upload somewhere separately. 

All in all, good stuff I think, spent quite a bitg of effort on this and I think this might be my best piece yet.

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