High are the Mountains

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

So I’ve been working on fairly low-poly background mountain meshes meshes to put in Unreal Marketplace. Initial plan was to go somewhat more fantasy oriented route, but it proved to be rather hard to pull off, had to scrap and redo a lot of work to achieve something I would like and in the end it’s not exactly fantasy, just a bit more stylized. Here are some latest screenshots:   


First screen is one mesh, second screen is another. In each of them just a single mesh was used to create the scene. One of the goals was to create meshes that would work great from multiple angles and would look different. World Machine is essential to create stuff like this, it simulates many complex geological phenomena that would be crazy hard to sculpt and texture manually.

My workflow was to create a quick sculpt in Zbrush that has main features, maybe even some of the smaller ones, render out heightmap, plug in into world machine and let it work with it. I much prefer manually sculpting the terrain rather than using tools or noise inside WM, because you have so much more control in Zbrush and it’s also very quick and easy to get heightmap out of ZB and into WM.

Here is a link to Unreal WIP forums:

Rooftops up in the Marketplace!

Friday, August 5, 2016

A bit late but you can get Futuristic top-down rooftop pack in Unreal Marketplace now:

If you like what you see, grab it!