Swamp WIP #2

Some more updates: got some water in, tweaked lighting quite a bit, did bunch of extra assets.

Lighting really needed tweaking in my opinion, results that I have now are much better than before I think. Some very light color corrections happening too but nothing major.

Water is quite early on too but most of the features are in. Translucent with depth fade, picking up SSR, might try planar reflections and see how those work. There is some nice movement on the dirt on the water, quite happy about that. Strangely enough, giving water certain metalicity value (0.5 for me there) makes the water look much more, well, water-y. Not exactly sure why that’s the case ‘cause I believe every water shader I’ve seen doesn’t use metalicity in any way, but without it it just looks like plastic. Interesting.

Did some cloth, looks alright, might do some more as props and whatnot.

Still a long way to go, but it’s shaping up nicely, more updates in coming days!

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