Ruins and whatnot

I've been quite busy, working on bunch of different things. Overgrown Ruins are finished and up in Unreal Marketplace, here is a link:

Finished another pack in the meantime too, more fancy statues. Better and generally more polished than previous pack too, imo. I was using cavity bakes for ambient occlusion in Unreal but actual ambient occlusion bakes look so much better, I don't even know why I decided to use cavity bakes for that, silly me. Slightly improved material, but still staying fairly basic. Optimized pipeline to create cloth and hair for statues as hassle free as possible, just gotta plan couple things ahead before doing actual sculpting, like making sure that there won't be any voids inside cloth folds or hair, and if those seem unavoidable there are couple of ways to deal with them too. Here are some shots of the new statues:

Quite liking how these turned out. Couple of close-ups to show off details, they really hold up well. Those AO maps really doing their job here too, they are somewhat exaggerated in post processing but hey, I'll call it artistic touch.

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