And the statues are finished

So the statues are finished and submitted to marketplace, they should go online in couple of weeks. Overall I’m happy how they turned to be and I think they are looking pretty good while staying in acceptable polycount and using acceptable texture sizes. Each statue has baked out, unique normal and cavity maps and also use tiling detail normal and tiling diffuse. Inverted cavity map is used in shader as a mask to give color variation in, well, cavities. I reckoned using tillable diffuse would get the job done and it seems it does in this case. I tried making a dedicated texture map but it I don’t think it was worth it in the long run because it wasn’t that much of an improvement upon tillable texture and even at 4k resolution it just doesn’t hold up to the texture crispiness you can get from tillable one.

On a side note, seems like lots of tech talk for something that is supposed to represent pure art but the tech side I think is rather important for marketplace items, because as I have faced myself you can really get bogged down in technical difficulties when you are working on project that is using large number of pre bought assets. So in this case we wanted to make sure all the problems are solved and assets are as “drag and drop” friendly. 

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