Rooftops are finished!

So we expanded the area quite a bit, added some extra assets, created additional bridges/platforms, added background city. While I created most of the playable stuff, Tomas did the background city. Looks great, very modular, can be used by variety of different projects, not only top-downs.

Quite happy how it all turned out. Nice approach for modeling the assets and overall visual style, will use it for future projects. Current scene relies very heavily on post processing to get that distinct look going, but that’s hardly a downside. Scene is fairly low on clutter but still has that dirty, grimy look and that was pretty much the goal. Most of the details are on the background, not to clutter up the playable space and not to obstruct navigation.

This asset pack should be hitting Unreal Marketplace soon, I’ll post a link once it’s up. Here are some new screenshots:

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