Some shiny rooftops

Been working on these assets that we intend to sell on Unreal Markeplace as an asset pack. This is essentially a more or less finished short map for a project that quickly hit the dirt and was scrapped, though stuff that was done for it was fairly good quality.

It has been gathering dust in HDD for quite some time, so not wanting it to go to waste decided to polish it up, add some extra assets and put it on marketplace thinking that maybe some other people can find use for it. It's for a top-down game so intended to be viewed Diablo style.

Gotta say, I’m quite liking what we ended up with. We are using modular approach to asset creation, similar to what games like Mass Effect and Deus Ex were doing. Almost all the assets are using same textures, there is an atlas that has defining features, like lines, grates etc. (I’m sure if you’ve researched similar art style you’ve seen this stuff before) and on top it, projected on lightmap UV, there is some kind of unifying noise like dents and dirt for concrete (from tiling normal map), scratches for metal and so on (from tiling roughness).

And of course to bring this all together is strong lighting. There are a lot of color correction happening in post processing to make the scene look pretty stylized and dark and then using strong lighting to light up areas that would be important for gameplay. Almost all of the lights are static (and therefore prebaked), couple of them are stationary.

This is still WIP and there is extended area and background city that Tomas Narbutaitis is making so there is still quite a bit of room for improvement.

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